At Family Dental Rego Park, We value our patients' experience. Watch the video testimonial below, then read what our patients are saying!

What Our Patients Say About Us

You will not find a dentist with a lighter touch than Dr. V. While performing laser surgery on me for my advanced periodontal issues, I swear I could not feel a single incision or an ounce of pain. Dr. V’s touch is as light as a feather! He does all types of dental work, a one-stop shop! I’ve moved away from Manhattan years ago, but still am willing to commute all the way from Staten Island just to be treated by him! Thank you, Dr. V! You’re the best!

H. Thakar

The doctor was very patient and gave clear instructions and explained very clearly what was going to be done. When I came in I was very afraid and when I left I was very relaxed with no pain.

Karla P.​

In 2011 when Doctor S. Verma determined that my teeth showed signs of bruxism (grinding or clenching of the teeth), she recommended that I wear a nightguard to remedy the condition. This was a traditional night guard, clear in color, and was fitted to my upper teeth. Although this guard succeeded in reversing the effects of bruxism, it had some shortcomings. Regular use caused discoloration, which daily rinsing and weekly soaks in Polident could not remove. Also, because I continued to grind and clench, my teeth marks were incised on the guard, which in turn made the guard less effective. Sometimes the guard fell out while I slept. So Dr. S. gave me an “upgrade” with the Pankey Splint. Its smoother surface and more comfortable fit (now on my lower teeth), which can be easily adjusted as my bite adapts to its shape, make the Pankey a far more effective splint than the traditional version. This guard feels more like me. There is no slippage, and it is easier to keep clean. There’s no hanky-panky with the Pankey night guard!

P.A. Lewis

I’m very happy with the service and the doctor was very pleasant. I’m I chose this.

Evone S.

I would highly recommend the services of Dr. V. I’m a person who is truly scared of the dentist. Dr. V takes all your fears away. Dr. V and his assistant Millie make you feel really comfortable. For great service see Dr. V.

LaTrenda S. Washington

Sensitive and caring.

Ledora W.

Here’s what our patient surveys have to say!

Right Away, I have received good service and I have been coming here about five years.

How long was the wait time before you were seen?


How would you rate professional's bedside manner?

Highly Recommended!!

Would you recommend this professional?

From a dentist I want gentleness and caring dentist.

What do you most want from a dentist?

All my visits have been pleasant.

What can we do to make your visits more pleasant?

I live around this area and one day I received a flyer from this practice.

What made you choose our office?

I would tell them to come to this practice because Dr. V is a nice, wonderful person. Very caring.

What would you tell someone about this practice?

There was nothing that I did not like. Everyone was friendly.

What do you like least about the practice?

The care. I feel very relaxed.

What do you like most about this practice?


What do you most want from a dentist?

Not much, always very pleasant.

What can we do to make your visits more pleasant?

Very professional.

What made you choose our office?

Very good and I highly recommend it.

What would you tell someone about this practice?

So far I like everything about it. I have nothing negative to say about it

What do you like least about the practice?

Very polite and relaxing atmosphere.

What do you like most about this practice?

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