Patient Relaxation Techniques Including Nitrous OX

Nitrous Oxide Treatment in Elmhurst, NY

Dr. Verma believes that relaxation techniques in the office are important for patient care. It is no surprise that dental phobia affects 50% of the population. So much, that many patients never seek dental care because of fear and/or anxiety. Dr. Verma utilizes many relaxation techniques including the use of nitrous oxide sedation (or laughing gas), oral sedation prior to dental visits along with oral conscious sedation—prior to the actual procedures. Conscious sedation allows the patient to have work performed in an office setting without general anesthesia, but has little or no memory of what occurred during the actual procedure.

Nitrous oxide sedation (or laughing gas) has been around since the late 1800’s. It is an extremely safe inhalant relaxation medication that allows the patient to have procedures done in an office setting while feeling light-headed or giggly. It reverses very quickly, in less than two to three minutes, after the procedure is finished and has little or no side effects. Thousands of patients per year use nitrous oxide sedation, along with local anesthetic, to have procedures performed in an office setting.

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