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Importance Of A Routine Check-Up

If you are searching for a compassionate and friendly dentist in Elmhurst, NY, look no further than the staff at Family Dental Rego Park. Dr. Binod Verma and Dr. Supriya Verma are dental professionals who can handle all the dental needs of your household.

Why You Should Get A Routine Dental Checkup

Practicing good oral hygiene is required at any age. Whether you are a two-year-old toddler learning to brush their teeth for the first time or an elderly patient that may need dentures, we anticipate seeing you in our office for proper care.

Ideally, we should see you in our office at least twice a year for a regular dental check-up. If you are experiencing dental problems, then we may need to see you regularly.

Get Extra Clean Teeth

When you visit our office for a routine check-up, your teeth can get extra special cleaning. Even if you brush and floss twice a day, you still may not get all the bacteria or buildup off your teeth with a toothbrush alone. An expert dental cleaning removes plaque and tartar buildup. This is important because when these substances continue to build on your teeth, they can cause different oral diseases - especially if they reach below the gum line.

Check For Gum Disease

Our dentists not only care for your teeth, but we also care for your gums. When you visit your local dentist in Elmhurst, NY, we will check the state of your gums during these routine exams. After all, your gums can affect the overall state of your teeth. Periodontal disease, if left untreated, can result in loose or damaged teeth that may eventually need removal. Your regular dental check-ups can help your dentist screen for such issues.

Children’s Teeth

As children begin to go to the dentist, it can be scary for them at first. Seeing the dentist during regular visits can help kids become comfortable with a dentist and office over time. These visits also allow the dentist to ensure that your child's baby teeth and eventual permanent teeth come in as they should. Dentists can check to make sure your child starts with proper oral care that will take them into adulthood.

Visit your local dentist in Elmhurst, NY, at Family Dental Rego Park. Dr. Verma and Dr. Verma will provide excellent care for your entire family during routine check-ups. We look forward to seeing you in our office at least twice a year for a routine screening and thorough cleaning. Call us at (718) 699-8268 for an appointment today.

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